Tours in Brocéliande

King Arthur ancient forest known as Broceliande in France  is located in Brittany, french and celtic western france’s peninsula. This 17000 ac. forest with lakes, rocks, monasteries and castles tells stories and mysteries connected to Arthurian legends. The vengeful Morgan, Knights of the round table, Valley of no return, Barenton fountain, Merlin’s grave,…Not far from Paimpont beside a lake and a 13th century abbey church, we welcome you in a 16th century castle beside a lake you live unique scenarios and medieval entertainments learning about arthurian legends, medieval cultures and celtic traditions. You will be our special guests. Broceliande is by Rennes and St.Malo. You can join it by bus we arrange for your groups with negociated costs in a package tour including meals, activities, and accommodation.

Visit Brocéliande, one of the most beautiful lands of Brittany ! Between moors and ponds, tales and legends, go off to explore this magic place where the history of king Arthur rises. Be allowed bewitch by the mystic gardens of Brocéliande and the scenography " The Door of the Secrets " to Paimpont. be allowed tell incredible legends at the heart of this legendary forest and participate in original activities.

Escape time a day at Brocéliande, a legendary site in the outskirts of Rennes! Enjoy a unique experience in this privileged natural setting and participate in original activities: horse drawn sleigh rides pulled by draft horses, visit the Chateau de Comper and ancient forges of Paimpont. Between moors and lakes, tales and legends, discover this place out of time !