Circuit of Golf “3 days, 3 greens” in Brittany

You are fascinated by golf ? Practice your favorite sport in small group on the most beautiful Breton golf courses of your choice. The greens of Rennes, Pléneuf-Val-André, Saint-Malo or Dinard wait for you to practice the golf in an environment in accordance with the nature. Every evening, you join the hotel of your choice in Rennes among a selection of establishments top – of range in the city center or in the neighborhood of the Breton capital.

Your hotel

Choose your hotel among this selection the best establishments of Rennes :

Hotel The Balthazar ****: hotel of modern style with SPA in the city center of Rennes.

Lecoq Gadby hotel ****: family charming hotel situated in 10 minutes of the city center with gourmet restaurant and SPA.

Relay hotel of the Silence The Germinal ***: charming hotel situated in naughty boy’s edge to Cesson-Sévigné. This former family mill of 1880 proposes you a gourmet cuisine.

Domain of Cice Blossac ****: this on piles hotel / residence is situated in an exceptional and environment-friendly frame to Bruz in 10 minutes of the city center of Rennes.

Hotel of Nemours **: charming hotel right in the heart of the city center in Rennes.

Garden Hôtel **: small charming hotel in the city center of Rennes with patio and Breton breakfast.

Inn of Réan : hotel of 8 rooms in naughty boy’s edge with restaurant and parking lot. It is situated in 5 minutes by the golf of Cicé-Blossac to Bruz.



Your green fees

Take advantage completely of a green fairy a day among our selection the best Breton golf courses :

Golf of Freslonnière : a site favored in which relaxation and relaxed rhythm of life are the key words (9 km from Rennes).

Golf of Cicé-Blossac : with its route renewed regularly, the Golf of Cicé-Blossac is one of the first Breton golf (15 km from Rennes).

Golf of Rocks Sévigné : it is particularly recognized for its formal gardens drawn by André Le Nôtre, celebrates gardener of the Palace of Versailles. You practise the golf in a green setting surrounded by waters of Valière and hundred-year-old oaks (50 km from Rennes).

Golf Blue Green de Pléneuf-Val-André : it is one of the most beautiful golf courses of France with view in 360 ° on the Coast of Emerald.

Golf of Saint-Malo Golf Resort : situated in an exceptional frame between earth(ground) and sea, the Golf of Saint-Malo is on the municipality of Tronchet in 56 km from Reinders. You evolve on a hundred hectare park between plans of water, granite massifs and majestic trees.

Dinard Golf : the golf of Dinard goes along the coast and offers views of postcard on all the bay of Dinard and Saint-Malo. Drawn in 1887, it is the second the oldest golf of France and offers an exceptional sports frame (78 km from Rennes).




  • Rennes is situated at 3:30 am of Paris by car at 2:15 am of Paris in TGV(HST)
  • Housing in charming hotel
  • From 8 to 16 people
  • Possibility of transfers in minibus since Rennes (pers 8 maximum / minibus)