Stay of legend in forest of Brocéliande

Visit Brocéliande, one of the most beautiful lands of Brittany ! Between moors and ponds, tales and legends, go off to explore this magic place where the history of king Arthur rises. Be allowed bewitch by the mystic gardens of Brocéliande and the scenography ” The Door of the Secrets ” to Paimpont. be allowed tell incredible legends at the heart of this legendary forest and participate in original activities.

Day 1

In the morning: guided tour in the gardens of Broceliande

Penetrate into the gardens of Broceliande. They count one of the most important botanical collections of Ille-et-Vilaine. You travel the thematic gardens : the Asian garden, the orchard without forgetting the garden of the witch in which any sorts of healing plants to the magic powers grow.

The afternoon : leave for a ballad told in forest of Broceliande

You measure the historic tops-places of Broceliande as Valley Without Return, the fountain of Barenton or the grave of Merlin. Your ballad is given rhythm by the tales and the legends of the fairies and of the Breton goblins.

Dinner and at night in the hotel *** to Paimpont.

Day 2

In the morning : enter the Door of the secrets for a scenography of legend

Sheltered in the famous Abbey of Paimpont, ” The Door of the secrets “ is a unique scenography in Brittany. She will learn you on all the mysterious facets of the forest of Broceliande a lot. You pursue your circuit by the visit of the forges of Paimpont and discover about three centuries of history of the metal industry in Brittany.

The afternoon : have a walk in carriage pulled by draft horses

The forest of Paimpont in carriage, that tempts you? Discover all the activities bound to the harness and appreciate otherwise the countryside and the remarkable sites around Paimpont.

Other possibility of visit : the castle of Comper and its exposure. Of the dragon to the giant, including the fairy and the knight, his surrounding wall reserves you of numerous surprises.


The lunch

Day 1

To have lunch to you to the restaurant Pommeret just a step from the gardens of Broceliande.

Example of menu:

  • Apéritif: sparkling kir
  • Salad Earth and Sea: rillette of fish and its rustic side dish
  • Supreme of poultry, gratin dauphinois and fresh vegetables
  • Plate of cheeses and its salad
  • Crumble of the orchard on coulis of red berries
  • 1/4 white wine or red, coffee


Take advantage of a real lunch of country in an exceptional frame near the forges of Paimpont. Your restaurant is a hundred-year-old establishment. It benefits from a fantastic view over the pond.




  • At the beginning of the circuit to Breal-sous-Montfor situated at 3:30 am of Paris and 30 min of Rennes
  • In TGV + coach
  • Housing in hotel *** or in Inn
  • From 20 to 40 people