Culture and History Excursions

Découvrez la côte d'émeraude, une des plus belles côte Bretonne! De Dinard au Cap Fréhel, découvrez ses plages, ses villas paradisiaques, vous déjeunerez

Head to Saint-Malo and its malouinières time of day ! Follow your guide along the ramparts and discover the history of Surcouf and Duguay-Trouin, famous travelers who gave his name to the pirate town. Enter the heart of malouinières: the Corsair House located in the historic center of Saint-Malo and the City Ring in the countryside.

Conquer the Mont Saint-Michel for a special day between land and sea! Stroll through the village and enter its millenary Abbey. Cross the bay on foot with your guide and let yourself be enchanted by a natural environment breathtaking between high tide and quicksand.

Escape time a day at Brocéliande, a legendary site in the outskirts of Rennes! Enjoy a unique experience in this privileged natural setting and participate in original activities: horse drawn sleigh rides pulled by draft horses, visit the Chateau de Comper and ancient forges of Paimpont. Between moors and lakes, tales and legends, discover this place out of time !