Private Tours

  • Duration: 2 days

Not just private tours by minivan, traveling more sustainably through western France areas:

– Major sights Brittany St.Malo, Normandy Mont St. Michel, US D-day beaches, Loire Valley castles
– Comfortable transfer from Paris by high-speed train
– Licensed passenger carriers plus licensed tour operator
– Private charters 6-8 passengers minivan
– Minimize environmental footprints
– Respect for communities and wildlife
– Fun, efficient, you are in good hands

Touring West

Touring West of France like a local? Enjoy, respect, Westcapades!

West of France is not very well known in Europe except Mont St. Michel and D-day beaches, but it is a great escape for a rich patchwork of diversity. Celtic Brittany Peninsula offers a wide range of historic villages, fishing ports like St.Malo, fortified castles, crafts activities, local food specialties, independent-minded locals between English Channel and Atlantic Ocean. Quality life and slow time attitude here, just like low car traffic and free autoroutes here! Normandy founded by Vikings and connected with William the Conqueror share with you half-timbered towns, Bayeux tapestry, Honfleur, Giverny gardens. When royal Loire Valley is home to more than a thousand castles in all shapes and sizes, Chenonceau, Amboise with Leonardo da Vinci.

Westcapades is based in Rennes and Saint-Malo cities. Both are an ideal home base for touring around Brittany just like Normandy and Loire Valley or easily planned on a circle tour from to Paris. Since 2001 year, we set up personalized tours with country routes and itineraries that allows you to visit major sights at the right time. If your needs are specific (castles only, local food tastings, garden tours, documentary films, TV reports, meetings, …) We ensure you the best conditions for being comfortable and avoiding crowds.

Tour with Westcapades

Why Westcapades? Make your visits safe and relaxing. What more?

In Brittany, Bretagne in French, natives say “Demat!” – Hello – in Celtic, to greet visitors. This western part of France attracts many travelers for its cultural difference. You are in a broad peninsula where tides are so big and natural beauty is so well preserved! This amazing French region hides authentic treasures, private family castles, medieval towns, and a full of mystery inland with megalithic fields unique in the world!

What about the real local food you say? Crêpes, galettes, fresh oysters, sparkling cider, seafood, Breton pork chop, free-range chickens, green vegetables, and local people always ready for helping and sharing a good time with you! That’s life!